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WPCL Nov./12

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Walker’s Point Community Library is well into our fall season, the time for your board to get organized and plan for further growth and improvement. As we reported in the last email your library has been the recipient of $1,000 from the District of Muskoka. This is a “pay it forward” grant that was given to us in appreciation of service to our community and with the intention that we will use it to increase service to our community.
We, on the board, appreciate receiving the grant and thank all of you who have given such strong support to the library. You, our members are the reason we qualify for this recognition.
We are proceeding with the plan to set up a web site however our plan to provide our seniors with ipads has run into snag. We were unable to get any assistance from Apple Canada to help finance this pilot project so we are still working on what direction we will go next.
We are going forward with the development of a web site, and we have plans underway for recognition of our donors. Hopefully when you arrive next season you will see our appreciation expressed in an appropriate way.
There are still large numbers of books arriving from friends and residents and volunteers continue to sort them and where they are not duplicates they are put in our collection. We receive many more than your small library is able to use and we try wherever we can to pass them on.
One of our volunteer librarians is now writing book reviews for a local newspaper so we continue to find ways to provide service to not only our community but to Muskoka.

New books added this month are:
The Casual Vacancy  by J.K. Rowling
Winter of the World   Book two of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett

At the present time we have so many newly donated children’s books that there are more than can be listed here.
Donations continue to arrive and once again we thank you. When we have the final figures on the success of our marching funds program we will let you know.

Winter hours are: Wed. Thurs. Sat.  12-3

If you want to have good meals waiting when you arrive for a weekend, call ahead to Ruby at the Barlochan store. She will always have goodies for you when you arrive.
Call:705 684 9468

Adele Fairfield

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