Library News

HELLO THERE! Thank you for your interest in our library website! You are invited to visit our community library located in the Walker’s Point Community Centre on Walker’s Point Road (#30), east of Hwy 169. The community library will be open and ready for you, following the Winter Hours Schedule until the end of June. After July 1st, the Summer Hours Schedule takes effect until the Thanksgiving Weekend.THE LIBRARY:

Our library has designated shelves for our newest books as well as alcoves that hold our extensive collection of DVDS and audio books as well as a large collection of pocket books.  In addition to our collection of adult fiction, we also have books and DVDS for children, juniors and young adults as well as selections of adult non-fiction books including books about Muskoka.

The WiFi that is available now serves both the library as well as the community hall. To connect from inside or outside the building, look for the public MLSHotspot option and follow the easy steps to connect. A laptop is found on the 2-person workstation that is located at the back wall.  It is available to be used by any library member.  The library is happy to announce that wireless printing of documents continues to be possible and that an iPad is now available to be used while at the library. If a member requires the installation of an App, the member must consult a librarian.

BOOK DONATIONS: The volunteer librarians have been known to find book donations that have been left at the Book Drop-Off Box. We appreciate the well intended deliveries however we are limited to the amount of books we are able to accept. Unless your collection has been approved by a volunteer librarian, we suggest that you continue your benevolent journey to the Gravenhurst Public Library. Its space is hugely larger and can accommodate many more books. The alternate outcome could also be the GPL Book Sale. Unfortunately our Little Library has SPACE CONSTRAINTS but we thank you for your generous gestures!

SERVICE MONUMENT AND TRIBUTE BOOK: A link will soon be posted with pictures of the WP Tribute Book and the unveiling of the Service Monument that passed in the fall of 2018. (see below)

HISTORIC PICTURES: As a result of a very dedicated group of residents, the website will soon link viewers to a large collection of historic pictures. STAY TUNED!


THE DEDICATION OF THE WP MEMORIAL TRIBUTE BOOK and the UNVEILING OF THE SERVICE MONUMENT: The Walkers Point Archives Group worked very hard at honouring cottagers and/or residents of Walkers Point who had served in the Armed Forces. The members of this group sourced out various avenues to obtain the military history of those who served while living or staying on Walkers Point/Barlochan. FOUR groupings were created to include a wide group of individuals with a connection to Walkers Point. PLEASE visit the library to obtain a form to complete with pertinent information of such military personnel. Return the completed form to the library in an envelope marked “The Archive Group” or email a scanned photo of the completed form to  The Tribute Book will be a fluid compilation to which further documentation can be added.  The creation of a beautiful monument that is found under the pines off of the hall parking lot as well as the compilation of a Tribute Book has been a HUGE PROJECT! The monument was unveiled on Sunday October 28, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

WPCL PAST GUEST EVENTS:  The following groups have visited the community in the past: The Therapeutic Dogs of Canada: TEAM MUSKOKA, Speaking Of Wildlife, The Muskoka Birds of Prey and Scales Nature Park!

VOLUNTEERING at The Library:

The Library Board is very grateful of all volunteers!  We appreciate the time that is generously offered over the seasons. The Library’s intentions to extend its open hours during the summer and to increase its service requires a larger group of volunteers. If you feel you are able to take a shift at the library, please contact the library during library hours at 705-687-9965 or email at:  Your help will be greatly appreciated by the community.  One of our librarians or board members will be happy to show you the procedures. They are basic and simple.  Thank you in advance!

Students are also encouraged to fill their volunteering requirements here on Walkers Point!


As you know, the Township of Muskoka Lakes matches your donated dollars. It will issue a tax receipt for donations in excess of $20. Any donation cheque can be made out to the “Township of Muskoka Lakes, Walker’s Point Library”.  Thank you so much for your generous intentions!  Please mail your cheque to our treasurer: Pat Young, 1350 Walker’s Point Road, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1R2

In Appreciation!      The Walker’s Point Community Library Board Members