COMMUNITY CLEAN UP: Residents are encouraged to clean any area that is safe to access!  There will be a community cleanup in the spring!

SEPTEMBER CLUB POT LUCK:  Adult residents have been participating in a Pot Luck for decades.  It is held in the Rec Hall on the LAST TUESDAY of the month, 5:30 pm: September-June.  Pot Luck goes back into action after a summer break!

SANTA POT LUCK:  Families enjoy the shared meal in the Rec Hall and attending children are later invited to a Read Aloud in the Library. Of course everyone is thrilled if Santa arrives with presents for the younger crowd! Contact the Library to register your child in early November.  The Santa Pot Luck is in early December.


YOGA:  Every Tuesday at 1:30. Drop in and reap the benefits of a guided yoga routine! There will be a small fee associated with your participation. $30/6 week session


This group meets every Wednesday at 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Come and learn how to hand quilt…with a lovely cup of tea and friend by your side!  Beginners will feel very welcomed!


PICKLEBALL:  NEW MONTHS OF PLAY, NEW DAY OF THE WEEK!  Indoor Pickleball is taking a winter break and will resume in April! INDOOR PLAY is will also now occur on WEDNESDAYS of the month thus indoor games will begin on April 1st!  An indoor net and court markers have been purchased to allow for the set up of one indoor court in the hall! The two outside tennis courts now have pickleball courts defined!  With the nets going up after the Victoria Long Weekend , PLAYERS CAN PLAY OUTSIDE ANYTIME.  The pickleball net is traditionally a bit lower than the tennis net but it’s great to play outside regardless! Come be a player or an observer! Two players but usually 4 players play a game! Bring your own pickleball racket/balls OR borrow equipment when the library/hall is open. Thanks to KABOTA NORTH and the WPCC for all the equipment that has been donated! For more info, email Paola Randall at

CALLING ALL BRIDGE PLAYERS!  Anyone interested in playing casual bridge can contact the library during open hours at 705.687.9965 or email your desire including a name and telephone number to
We have members who are very interested in playing bridge, remaining on the point!

Other INTERESTS?  The library is interested in hearing from you to have another area of interest.  Please contact the library during open hours at 705.687.9965 or email your desire to



For Rental Fees and Availability please contact Annette McLeod at the Township of Muskoka Lakes.  Phone 705-765-3156


Video Tour of the Committee Meeting Room – Dimensions : 30 ft. 2 in. long by 19 ft. 8 in. wide.


Video Tour of the Auditorium – Dimensions : Seating area – 34 ft. wide by 53 ft. to the stage.
Raised stage : 12 ft. by 34 ft.

 Video Tour of the Kitchen