Hello there! Thank you for your interest in our library website! You are invited to visit our community library located in the Walker’s Point Community Centre on Walker’s Point Road (#30), east of Hwy 169. Your library will be open and ready for you, following the Winter Hours Schedule until the end of June. After July 1st, the Summer Hours Schedule takes effect until the Thanksgiving Weekend.


The new items to the library environment are being enjoyed by all who visit. They include expanded shelving units that display the newest additions to the library’s collection, beautiful pine alcoves that hold DVD’s/VHS’s/audio books as well as hundreds of pocketbooks, a solid pine circulation desk that allows librarians to speed up service and a bar-style workstation at the back wall that accommodates at least two patrons! New homes have been created for Junior Fiction, Adult Fiction, Muskokan History and Biography books. The Children’s Collection can be found on the lowest shelves across from the Children’s Picture Books/Non-Fiction Books alcove. The Wifi that is available now serves both the library as well as the Rec Hall. To connect from inside or outside the building, look for the public MLSHotspot option and follow the easy steps to connect. The Library is happy to announce that wireless printing of documents continues to be possible and that an iPad is now available to be used while at the library. Any free App may be installed onto the iPad by a librarian.


Please watch this website for the announcement of the 2018 Special Events!  They are “Works-in-Progress”!  Also, look for details regarding the children’s summer programme under the Children’s Programme tab.



The Library Board is very grateful of all volunteers!  We appreciate the time that is generously offered over the seasons. The Library’s intentions to extend its open hours during the summer and to increase its service requires a larger group of volunteers. If you feel you are able to take a shift at the library, please contact the library during library hours at 705-687-9965 or email at:  Your help will be greatly appreciated by the community.  One of our librarians or board members will be happy to show you the procedures. They are basic and simple.  Thank you in advance!


We hope that you visit the library this season.  You will be pleased with how your donated dollars have improved the appearance of the room and increased the ability for better service.  As mentioned, there are new elegant quarters that will make it easier to locate desired items. The construction of the new desk and bar style work station was covered by generous donations.

The council for the Township of Muskoka Lakes is discussing its plans to match donated dollars as it has in the past. Tax receipts for amounts of $20 or more would be issued. Any donation cheque can be made out to the “Township of Muskoka Lakes, Walker’s Point Library”.  Thank you so much for your generous intentions!  Please mail your cheque to our treasurer: Pat Young, 1350 Walker’s Point Road, Gravenhurst, ON P1P1R2

Here’s to a successful 2017!  Happy Year of Canada 150!

We love having you here on The Point!

In Appreciation!      The Walker’s Point Community Library Board Members

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